Here's the Thing

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dust and Cobwebs

It has been so long since I have posted here. Stupidly long. Neglect amidst a mile of changes and many more miles of confusion and decision and chaos. As is life in all its ebbs and flows.

Time to dust the cob-webs from this thing and start again, and what better time than the first week of a new job. When my life feels like it is moving somwhere, and carrying me with it. Winds finally in the sails, even if the direction is not quite set yet.

Man the oars, I am coming back in.

So: new job, I am now an EA and the first letter of that alone rings excitement for me, as it is a step up (from PA) only a little one, but a step nonetheless and one I am proud of, as I have worked hard for it, and will work hard for it going forward - I picked a busy role. Busy is good for me, as it stops me ruminating and dragging myself down into the dark hollows of my soul and thoughts. That place still full of cobwebs and dust and dank from mould and misuses. The places in the soul we long to forget and have no real use or value for beyond the occasional trip below into the gallows to try to find something long forgotten, and barely missed.

I have some fantastic memories in there, somewhere. It just isn't wise for me to spend too long there. It is destructive for me. So, better to be too busy to have the time to wander the back-corridors and alleys of my own psyche. That is what I have now.

I am hoping that by being in a new place, with new friendly and enthusiastic people, doing the thing I like to do best (PA type duties, with lots of Governance and minuting.... Yes, I know, I am a weird one) I can refind those good memories, refind the smile on my face and the cheeky nature I know I have. That I can relight all the fires and shine back to those long forgotten hallows - those happy memories.

Time to dust those cobwebs, methinks.