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Friday, 1 January 2010

Things to do when you are dancing

So, tomorrow is Saturday, and the last one before the larger majority of us in the UK have to return to the world of work on Monday... after far too long a time to be spoilt out of the habit of getting up and out and being focused on anything for very long at all.

So, things this Mouse has to do before Monday are:
  • Go for a jog of one kind or another (this is ignoring the forecast of -1 and snow/rain)
  • Tidy bedroom, as it won't get done after Monday.
  • Sleep - ideally, else Monday will be torture.
  • Sort out lunches for the week - Cous-cous is my friend.
  • Resist temptation to log on to work e-mails and make self panic about the approach of Monday
  • Sort sugars out - as much as anyone can in two days....
Actually, scrap that last one, lets just eat chocolate, drink much and be merry for the last two days of freedom??

Lets embrace this little glimpse of hyper while it is here and do with it what is best done! What do you think? After all, they nearly always come before a bad crash, so why not use them for their best?

If it all goes wrong, there is always Monument bridge to sit awaiting.

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