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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Subjective Self

I have not visited this site in a while. I have had nothing of great magnitude to say that has not already been said before, many times. That is not to say I have not been thinking just as much and mulling things over. I just have not recorded them, partly, because I have been afraid that writing them down would make them real or somehow overly trivial in the eyes of the world.

I should come back though - For the catharsis, if nothing else.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the notion of self and self-worth. About the values that people build their world around and where they come from. About how people can be so cruel at times and not appreciate that their view may not be the same as that of the other.

I have been ill some of the time I have been away, I have also been on holiday to Cyprus (much sunshine and a week of relaxing and not worrying about work). I am, however, still here, still churning the thoughts in my mind and breathing in and out. I am still not entirely convinced on the why and if it should continue that way.

I have had two resounding thoughts this past week. I should not be here and I am sorry that I am. It occurs to me that one has to place a low value on their own self-existence if they feel the need to apologise for it. I am not sure what my brain is convinced I have done wrong, yet I can not help but want to apologise for simply existing. For failing so far in my path to self-destruction and in doing so, for dragging everyone around me through the miserable mire that is my minds own creation.

These thoughts are not at all helped when those few people that bide their time in ridiculing others decide that I am a worthy target of their jokes. This happened last night and is, if anything, a common occurrence in my life - I have a sign somewhere on me that just seems to say "I am not normal, take the piss out of me." I was traveling home after a fun day out and this small thing chewed up the little self worth I had gained through the day and spat it out the other side into the trash. I cried the rest of the way home.

I spent a number of hours thereafter thinking through, not entirely rationally, what the concept of normal is and exactly how subjective that is from person to person. One sees another, but they do not fit into the tight box criterion for that person's sense of 'normal' even if it is perfectly normal to the other. Does this mean that person is abnormal, or are they just different and when does different become bad?

I am often a person that people struggle to categorise. So much so, I can not categorise myself and this leaves me wide open to the parts of my brain that are determined to see my demise. That part of my brain is loud at the moment, it can pick apart my every flaw and re-define my every thought and meaning, my every breath and step to drag me towards an ultimate end. There is still a part of me that fights this, which writes and tries to think rationally, that puts things on hold until a later date in the hope that something can be found between now and then that will improve the self, or the world, enough to make its continuation less painful.

I am a constant, ongoing battle between the two. Undecided, conflicted and scared of the many thoughts and actions. The plans and times and dates. The what ifs and why nots. It is no surprise that I tire myself out. I have given up on professionals providing any help - They have made it clear that they will not help, unless I take very particular actions. This traps me in the conundrum. I have no faith in an ability to be able to stop should I let that side of me loose.

These are in no way finished thoughts, I am sure I will return to them. For now though, that will have to do, as my brain has run itself into a muddle that makes no sense to put down here.

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  1. Had wondered where you'd gone :) Do continue! You're a lovely writer!

    Hope you feel better soon - people, in general, are knobs. Don't listen to them, unless they say nice things... therein lies my mantra :)