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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve: Mad rush to tidy for Santa?

Christmas in my house, tends to mean the house has to be spick and span.

This is my sister's fault. She comes to visit on Boxing Day (having seen us at my Aunt's) and my Great Aunt is also coming to stay... it is as if either of them may somehow judge my parents for the house not looking like no-one has been using it.

It it is Christmas Eve today and my parents have been charging around the house with hoover and duster ensuring everything is cleaner than a whistle. At one point they asked to borrow my heater/air-con thing (huuge massive thing). I agreed begrudgingly and begun to clear the fairly large pile of crap that it was behind. Dad then declared they would not need it, as it is not a de-humidifier and what they wanted was to take some of the dampness out of the room.

Now, it may be worth knowing I am a bit of an all or nothing person at times. I was not planning on tidying my room until after Christmas. However, I had started now - So spent the remainder of the day clearing my room.

I went downstairs at dinner time to eat with my parents, where Mum asked if I was 'tidying for Santa'... I no longer believe in Santa. In fact, I am the one that contacted NSPCC to get a letter sent 'from Santa' to my Mum... and I am the one that has done her stocking. That, and Santa never comes into my room, growing up, the stocking was always left just outside our bedroom doors... so, why the frak would I use that as a reason for tidying.

It was more of a: well, I have started to shift the crap, I may as well shift it all.

Anyway, point of all of this ramble is to declare that for the first time in probably about four or five months: I have a bedroom floor. Be proud.

It is done now. So, I can begin the festivities and wish you all a wonderful sleep tonight and a fantabulous day tomorrow (Christmas Day my time).

Now, can I afford to risk a coffee......

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