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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Family Roundup

As much as I may complain about the Season. I do like the chance to see my family - and its many members.

I have over the last few days seen most of them. I say most, as there is a whole segment of the family that I do not talk to, or do not know. That, and I am see the remainder of those I do talk to, know and love today. We are going for Dinner with my Cousin, Cheryl, Gary - her husband and her little baby (my niece) Gracie... who declared herself able to walk at my Sister's wedding in November.

We will be going as: Mum, Dad, Great Aunt and me. Met en route by my Aunt (Dad's Sister) and Uncle.

In other words, it will be Christmas day all over again, just with one set of Cousin and family swapped for another.

This mass-family meet and greet has been intersected by the Shopping Spree that is boxing day. My sister kicks up a fuss and sulks if I refuse to go to Bluewater with her and her Husband. So, we went and shopped yesterday and I now own a new pair of Trail running trainers for those days when the ground is more slippy. I am also a fair amount less rich.

I have, in all of this, decided that Socialising - as good as it promises to be - is still tiring, stressful and evil. By which I mean, due to all the long days and weariness of it all, I have now got a cold.

Colds in me mean lots of sleep is needed, I generally like to be left alone and hate people yelling across rooms at each other... which, sadly, my family does a lot.

Aaah well. We have a couple of hours before the trek to see my cousin, so I can have plenty of coffee and cold medicines and hope I can get through without becoming my usual anti-social and grumpy self....

I may take a book and pair of headphones with me... just incase.

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